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Background - Land Surveying & 3D Mapping

In the past, land surveys were typically done using traditional methods, physical measurements and triangulations. Even though this method does the job, it has been shown to be less efficient due to higher labor costs as well as slower map production resulting in slower decision-making.

Disadvantages of traditional methods in Land Surveying & 3d mapping




Limited reach


Aerial survey and mapping

Tough terrains are a common challenge faced by land surveyors. Obtaining high-accuracy data and images are naturally more difficult in these locations. AECA Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (“AECA”) uses Trinity F90+ for its terrain-follow feature, which allows the drone to automatically follow uneven surfaces while maintaining a safe, predetermined distance.


Able to cover greater distance in less time compared to multirotors
Lower overhead costs due to faster turnaround time
High resolution imagery with accuracy of up to 3cm
Processes locally and regionally approved georeferences and geocoordinates
3D digital terrain and surface modelling


Trust AECA to conduct proper assessment of your road assets for a more efficient road planning and maintenance.

Using aerial and mobile LiDAR, AECA is able to produce 3D models of buildings, create an inventory database as well as detect defects in assets.

Data Produced: Survey-grade high-density LiDAR point clouds, surface models, Hydrolysis and geomorphology analysis


Improved safety from regular inspection of assets and potential hazards
Improved reliability in assets’ function and operation; reduced downtime
Better decision-making with up-to-date information on asset condition
Lower maintenance and repair costs over time
Increased lifespan of assets

Quarry Stockpile Calculation

AECA Solutions is able to calculate the volume of stockpile; materials that can be stored in a designated area at a quarry site.

This is helpful for businesses in the mining industry to determine the amount of materials available for sale or use, estimate the size of equipment needed to move the materials, and ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards.

Data Produced: Stockpile Volume


Accurate site conditions from digital terrain and surface modelling
Accurate inventory management; valuable for asset audit
Compliance with regulations
Increased safety by preventing overloading
Improved planning and logistics

Utilising Geospatial Intelligence Technology

Geospatial Intelligence Technology is a powerful tool for land surveys, enabling surveyors to gather and analyse data, create maps and visualisations, and provide location-based information and guidance.

Mapping and Visualisation

Create detailed maps and visualisations of an area; helps surveyors understand the layout and characteristics of the region.

Data collection and analysis

Collect and analyse data about a particular area or feature, such as elevation, land use, and natural resources. The insightful analysis derived from the superior data collected can be used to improve decision-making and planning.

Navigation and location

Provide location-based information and guidance; helps surveyors navigate and find their way to a particular location.

Monitoring and assessment

Monitor and assess changes in an area over time, such as land use changes or the impact of natural disasters.

AECA Can Help You Obtain Meaningful Data With These Easy Steps

Determine the scope, and points of interest
Select the appropriate drone, cameras and sensors for your application
Obtain necessary permits and approvals
Plan the data collection
Collect data
Process and analyse the data
Monitor the changes in data

How Aeca adds value in Land Surveying & 3D Mapping

“AECA can help your business in 3 easy steps:
Capture, Process and Analyse Data.”
Step 1: Capture
Step 2: Process
Step 3: Analyse

Capture Data

Utilising the latest technology in drones and sensors, we are able to acquire more data in less time.

VTOL Drones
Our Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) drones are capable of covering large areas of up to 10 hectares within 1 hour of flight time.

This gives you as much coverage as an airplane without the extremely high costs, but for a longer duration per flight than a quadcopter, reducing number of flights required for a job.

High-Accuracy Sensors
Using powerful, high resolution cameras, we are able to capture sharper images, better that any consumer-grade cameras designed for cinematography.
Learn About Data Capture 

Process Data

Our surveying engineering team has the knowledge and skill set to process your data in a meaningful way in order to fulfill your objectives.

Just as importantly, AECA has the right hardware and software with the capability and capacity to translate raw data into actionable outputs.

The ability to capture data alone is not sufficient to obtain useful results.

Without powerful, high-speed processors with massive storage space, the data would just be that, data.
Learn About Data Processing

Analyse Data

With a huge amount of data, comes the challenge of knowing what to do with them.

A successful data acquisition or survey should be able to tell you what you should be doing next.

Picking which results to use for your intended purpose can be overwhelming.

AECA has the experience and expertise to help you analyse the results and determine the next courses of action to either save your business time and money, improve efficiency or increase profitability.

The best outcome would be where all of the above are achieved at once.
Learn about Data Analysis

PAst Projects

Past projects by AECA Solutions


What is Geospatial Intelligence Technology for Land Surveying and 3D Mapping?

Geospatial Intelligence Technology for Land Surveying and 3D Mapping is the use of advanced geospatial technologies, such as satellite imagery, laser scanning, and aerial photography, to create detailed and accurate maps and models of the Earth's surface and terrain.

What are some of the benefits of using Geospatial Intelligence Technology for Land Surveying and 3D Mapping?

It can provide accurate and detailed data on land use, topography, and infrastructure, enabling better decision-making and planning related to urban development, environmental conservation, and disaster response. This technology can also be used to create 3D models of buildings and infrastructure for design and engineering purposes.

What types of data can be collected and analysed using Geospatial Intelligence Technology for Land Surveying and 3D Mapping?

It can be used to collect and analyse a wide range of data, including terrain elevation, land use and land cover, infrastructure location and condition, and natural resource distribution.

How is Geospatial Intelligence Technology for Land Surveying and 3D Mapping typically used?

Geospatial Intelligence Technology for Land Survey and 3D Mapping is used in a variety of applications, including urban planning, environmental conservation, disaster response, and engineering design. This technology can also be used to monitor changes in the Earth's surface over time, such as land use and vegetation cover.

How can Geospatial Intelligence Technology for Land Surveying and 3D Mapping be used to improve urban planning and infrastructure development?

It can be used to improve urban planning and infrastructure development by providing accurate and detailed data on land use, topography, and infrastructure. This technology can enable better decision-making and planning related to urban development and infrastructure investment.

What types of organizations or institutions typically use Geospatial Intelligence Technology for Land Surveying and 3D Mapping?

Geospatial Intelligence Technology for Land Surveying and 3D Mapping is used by a wide range of organizations and institutions, including government agencies responsible for urban planning and infrastructure development, engineering firms, and environmental organizations. This technology is also used in industries such as mining and oil and gas exploration.

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