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AECA Drone Competency Center (ADCC)

AECA is the hub of professionals who are connoisseurs of their fields. Nonetheless, it never leaves its employees alone. To help them grow, AECA conducts training sessions that are not only for the team of people working at AECA but for the customers who have purchased drones from this drone hub.

AECA is highly qualified to teach Intermediate and Advanced Drone Pilot and Mission Commanding Programs by National Occupational Skills Standard ("NOSS") under the Human Resources Ministry of Malaysia. AECA’s trainers are certified drone manufacturers with vast experience in the field of drones.

What will you experience?
Theory of drone
Practical drone training
Safer drone flying practices


The training conducted by AECA is no less than a golden opportunity for its participants, whether new employees or customers. These training sessions allow the users to not only develop their skills related to drone handling but to also be mindful about improving operational practices with the awareness and intention of improving profitability of the organisation they represent.
Certification from Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia on level 2 and 3
Development in skills for drone handling and operating
Increased Profitability
A better understanding of the world of drones
Worldwide Recognition


What is Technology Transfer?

Technology Transfer refers to the process of sharing and transferring technology and knowledge related to aerial capture and mapping between organizations, institutions, or individuals.

Why is Technology Transfer important?

Technology Transfer is important because it can facilitate the dissemination of new technologies and knowledge related to aerial capture and mapping, which can improve the quality and efficiency of data collection and analysis processes. This can lead to better decision-making processes and more informed policy and planning decisions.

What types of technologies and knowledge can be transferred through Technology Transfer?

A wide range of technologies and knowledge related to aerial capture and mapping can be transferred through Technology Transfer, including new software tools, hardware and equipment, advanced data analysis techniques, and more.

How is Technology Transfer typically facilitated?

Technology Transfer can be facilitated through a variety of mechanisms, including workshops, conferences, training sessions, online platforms, partnerships, and more. In some cases, technology transfer may involve the sale or licensing of intellectual property.

What are some of the potential benefits of participating in Technology Transfer?

Participating in Technology Transfer can provide organizations and individuals with access to new technologies and knowledge that can improve the quality and efficiency of their data collection and analysis processes. Additionally, participating in technology transfer can help to build networks and collaborations, facilitate knowledge sharing, and foster innovation.

How can Technology Transfer be used to support sustainable development goals?

Technology Transfer can be used to support sustainable development goals by improving the quality and efficiency of data collection and analysis processes related to natural resource management, urban planning, disaster response, and more. This information can be used to inform decision-making processes and policy decisions that promote sustainable development practices.

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