Oil Palm Estate

Precision Agriculture - Tree Counting & Health Analysis

Kertih, Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia

The data acquisition output revealed the presence of water retention after raining in some areas of the plantation. The oil palm trees in that area have dry and yellowish fronds, particularly the older fronds, indicating low chlorophyll content and nutrient deficiencies. This is a common occurrence when applied fertiliser is washed away during rainfall. Fertilizers lost through leaching can contaminate water sources.

UAV TypeTrinity F90+
Flight Altitude100 m AGL
Flight Time43 minutes
Mission Size58.7 hectare / 0.587 sq km
Wind3 m/s
Temperature38 degrees Celsius
PayloadDouble Payloads
(MicaSense RedEdge-MX + Sony UMC R10-C)
ResolutionMicaSense RedEdge-MX = 6.94 cm / 2.73 inch
Sony UMC R10-C = 2.66 cm / 1.05 inch
Image countMicaSense RedEdge-MX = 7485
Sony UMC R10-C = 1367
OverlapSide 75%
Forward 70%

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