Lembaga Sumber Air Terengganu (LAUT)

Environmental Monitoring - Water Quality Analysis

Muara Kuala Ibai, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia

Muara Kuala Ibai or Kuala Ibai Estuary is an area surrounded by industrial areas and the water quality in Kuala Ibai can easily deteriorate. The current condition of the estuary has been catching the eyes of many due to the aquaculture and sand mining activity located nearby. Water quality analysis has been done on the multispectral images from the MicaSense Dual Camera System Payload captured along the estuary and the effects of aquaculture and sand mining activity were analyzed through its turbidity, algae activity and nutrient pollution in the water.

UAV TypeTrinity F90+
Flight Altitude110 m AGL
Flight Time160 minutes
Mission Size190 Ha / 1.9 sq km
Temperature30 degrees Celsius
Resolution7.64 cm / 3.00 inch
PayloadMicaSense Dual Camera System Payload:
RedEdge-MX and RedEdge-MX Blue
Image count3494
OverlapSide Overlap: 75%
Forward Overlap: 70%

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